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An interview with Movie Actress & TV Presenter,

Marissa Nasution on her beauty & wellness journey

Movie Actress & TV Presenter, Marissa Nasution, shares her 3 biggest beauty regrets

Published: 01 September 2023

Celebrity at Pablo Blau

For all of us, there are things that we regret not starting earlier when it comes to being proactive about good skin and health, Marissa is no different.


In this exclusive interview we had a chat with Marissa about all things from beauty to wellness. Here’s what she had to say… 

Marissa Nasution

Public Figure, Movie Actress, Host & TV Presenter, Career and Skills Development Coach

Plus a sneak peek into how she achieves better skin & health in just 45 minutes


A sneak peek into how Marissa achieves better skin & health in just 45 minutes 


Marissa shares her Salt Therapy experience at Pablo Blau

 The Salt Room experience has been helping me clear blockages in my respiratory system and improving my overall breathing. Salt Therapy has proven to help with normalising pH levels, promoting skin regeneration and reducing skin problems such as eczema, dry & sensitive skin, aging signs and acne.  - Marissa Nasution


A Q&A interview with Marissa Nasution

What's your 3 biggest beauty regret?


1: Facial Moisturiser

I regret not using a daily facial moisturiser sooner because moisturising helps to replenish the moisture lost throughout the day or overnight. Moisturising also fights wrinkles and helps to combat the signs of aging. 

2: SPF Sunscreen

I regret not using a daily SPF sunscreen sooner to protect myself from the sun UV rays and other harmful lights that is radiated through everyday appliances, such as cellphones, laptops, etc. 


3: Full Body Care Routine

I regret not focusing on full body care routine sooner. Skincare is something that is essential for all, when it comes to skincare, taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your face. 

Pablo Blau Salt Room

What are your top tips for skincare and wellness?  


When it comes to skincare, beauty and wellness, I approach everything holistically. I believe taking care of our skin and body is more than just topical treatments. In order to achieve a healthy skin and better well-being we need to eat better, sleep better and cherish our body from the inside out as well.

What made Pablo Blau and our services stand out from your other options?    


I love the Salt Room experience at Pablo Blau! The treatment goes beyond simply being a beauty treatment. The experience in itself stimulates all the senses and is rich in benefits for body, mind and soul. All in one session!

What have you been able to achieve after experiencing Pablo Blau treatment? 


Due to my busy schedule and also being a mother of two, I am now able to have better sleep quality as the Salt Room experience helps to cleanse my airways which lead to better breathing.


Furthermore, it helps to boost facial treatment results. My skin has been visibly rejuvenated since my first facial treatment! Friends have complemented me on my glowing skin.


Was there anything about Pablo Blau that exceeded your expectations?   

Overall, I was truly amazed by the luxurious experience.


Due to my busy schedule, having facial in the Salt Room saves a lot of my time by being able to achieve multiple skin and health benefits.


Furthermore, I loved all the knowledge and tips my skin therapist Eyan gave me. Through this customised analysis, I understood what my skin needed and how I can prevent early signs of aging.


The space in itself is beautifully designed and truly gave me the feeling to relax my body and mind.

Pablo Blau Waiting Area

Pablo Blau's unique and award winning concept is definitely one of a kind here in Singapore and not to be missed!  

Pablo Blau’s Signature Salt Room is entirely made out of salt. With just 45-minutes in their Salt Room, it is equivalent to 3 hours in a salt mine! Salt Therapy involves us breathing in tiny particles of salt and minerals to improve our breathing and skin conditions such as eczema, dry & sensitive skin, aging signs and acne. While we are enjoying our skin treatment, we are also improving our body through this Salt Therapy.  - Marissa Nasution

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Celebrity at Pablo Blau
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