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Signature Salt Rooms

The benefits of having facial in our Signature Salt Rooms

Skin, Beauty and Anti-aging

The truth is that healthy and glowing skin is beautiful at any age

As we age, our skin is the first organ to show the impact of time and life. Our Salt Rooms are the excellent solution to improving the overall wellbeing, quality and appearance of the skin. Regular Salt Therapy can be the most important tool that aids the healthy aging process for your skin.

As our largest organ, the skin behaves in a reactive yet intuitive manner. Our skin is our body's first barrier to our environment, defending us from bacteria, viruses and microbes. When our surroundings are harsh, our skin can help regulate temperature and prevent dehydration by controlling the level of perspiration.


Our Salt Rooms are specially designed to allow our guests to breathe in the dry, salt-enriched air. This is the first healing step for our body. The salt loosens the mucus from the linings of the lungs, allowing even deeper healing of inflammation. Salt is known to have anti-bacterial properties which also provides many negative ions beneficial to our body.

Regular Salt Therapy may help with various skin conditions



Dry & Flaky Skin






Skin Aging

Swelling & Inflammation

Our Salt Rooms are equipped with a unique “salt generator” which grinds the salt into very tiny breathable particles. The salt is bacteria-free and hypoallergenic to ensure that the air remains pure. 


These holistic methods provided by Pablo Blau try to copy the natural environment of salt caves. The difference is that you only need 45 minutes in our Signature Salt Rooms as compared to 3 hours in a natural salt cave. Research suggests that people who breathe in salt air on a regular basis can bolster their respiratory systems to discourage infection, loosen and remove blockages, reduce inflammation, and increase general respiratory comfort.


Enjoy the experience with a facial treatment or cosy up to a movie while you receive the wellness benefits the room brings.

Our Signature Salt Rooms are entirely coated with salt crystals

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